IntenSati Yoga

This summer we are getting fit with a new practice called IntenSati
IntenSati is a new practice that is coming to us from the Big Apple, says Rebecca Degeilh.  A cardio-workout that is designed to leave you in a positive light, during and post workout, errupted a few years ago in New York City.

A mix of cardio, yoga, and affirmations give those who practice it with a more uplifting workout. She says it is "a practice designed to help you live a life you love in a body you love."  After studying there, Rebecca was determined to bring this interesting and enlightening practice to Upstate New York. 

To teach others about the practice of IntenSati Rebecca is having an event to help mothers fulfill their mission of motherhood, she calls this "MAMA on a Mission."

MAMA on a Mission
  • Sunday, July 14th 2-5pm
  • At Breathing Space Studio
  • 3455 Erieville Road, Erieville, NY
  • Cost: $15 a person


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