Lashes Gone Wrong

Big lashes can lead to big consequences...
Make-up professional Aubrey James, of Lashes Locks & Lips, stopped by the studio to talk about eye lash extensions and safety.
  • Professional medical grade adhesives contain: Cyanoacrylate
  • If someone is allergic to nail glue, super glue or surgical glue, it's highly likely they will be allergic to any and all such products containing cyanoacrylate.
  • Allergic reaction appears within the first 24 hours of application and may be in the form of Contact Dermatitis.
  • A client that develops redness, itching, swollen or soreness of the eyes may be allergic.

To treat mild irritation:

  • Take Benadryl
  • Use of an oral antihistamine
  • Usa a cold compress
  • Irrigate with sterile eyewash
  • Suggest the lash extensions be removed in severe cases

For more information on Lashes Locks & Lips, visit: lasheslockslips.com

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