SU Legend Visits the Studio

Floyd Little discusses his second book, an autobiography, which inspires readers to conquer their hardships and come out on top!

Floyd Little, Syracuse University legend, who was one of eleven to wear the infamous 44 jersey, discusses his new autobiography titled Promises to Keep: My Inspired Run from Syracuse to Denver to the Hall.

Little says the book isn’t so much about his football career, but it examines the trials and tribulations we all face in life and how to conquer those challenges. He puts an emphasis on giving and keeping promises. He provides an example dating back to his high school days when he promised Ernie Davis he’d go to SU. Three months later Davis passed. If it had not been for the inspiration he received, Little may have been recruited by another university. He’s grateful to have kept his promise.

In addition to sharing his personals pitfalls and triumphs, Little gives insight into the current state of the NFL.


Book Signing with SU Legend & NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little

TODAY at 6pm

Barnes & Noble in Dewitt

3454 Erie Boulevard East


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