Skype Interviews

Kim Brown stopped by to give us some tips on how to successfully interview for jobs via Skype.
Many companies are using now Skype as a way to interview out-of-town applicants for job openings. Kim Brown, from SU Career Services, shared her tips on how to have a successful interview experience on Skype:
  • Look at your webcam, not the interviewer.
  • Background matters! Don't have anything strange behind you.
  • Dress as you would for an in-person interview.
  • Position the camera to show your head and shoulders.
  • Pay attention to your Skype name, photo and profile. Keep it professional.

If it's your first Skype interview, don't be afraid to tell the interviewer that you're a Skype newbie, and practice with a friend before to check your internet connection.

Finally, don't forget to send a hand-written note or email to say thank you!
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