Pork Osso Buco

Talk about a perfect meal for Fall!  The chef from Dolce Vita World Bistro in Syracuse shared his recipe for Pork Osso Buco.

1 8oz pork shank
4oz of chicken stock
3oz of chipolte honey glaze

4oz of arborio rice
3oz of chicken stock
3oz of butternut squash
s/p/g to taste
2oz of Asiago cheese
2 oz of Parmesan cheese
1oz heavy cream

Place the pork shank in a saute pan with the chicken stock and glaze the pork shank and place in the oven at 550 for 12 minutes.

For the risotto get a saute pan over a medium heat with an oz if oil. Saute your butternut squash and let it turn a golden brown. Next add your pre-cooked rice and chicken stock and let these simmer for a minute or so. Next add your heavy cream (this gives the risotto that creamy element you see).  The last step is to add your cheese. Add some stock if your rice becomes to thick, it should slide around in the pan with ease.

To plate is easy: just put the risotto on your dish and lay the pork shank over the rice and take the juice from the pan and lattle it over both the shank and rice.


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