Priestchokers With Broccoli Rabe and Anchovies

Chef Fabio from Fabio's Autentico Ristorante Italiano in Cortland shared a recipe for one of his most popular dishes.

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Priestchokers With Broccoli Rabe and Anchovies
Serves 4

1LB priestchokers or (any short cut pasta)
1LB broccoli rabe
12 anchovy fillets in oil
4 or 5 plum tomatoes
4 gloves of garlic
3TBS of extra virgin olive oil
Hot pepper flakes

Blench the broccoli rape in 4qt of water (reserve the water), then peel and chop the
garlic cloves, and chop the anchovy fillets.  In a sauté pan, heat the extra virgin olive oil and add the anchovies and the garlic, and let cook for 30 seconds.  Then add the plum tomatoes, cook for a minute and add the broccoli rape, salt, pepper, hot pepper
flakes and a cup of the reserved water or more if needed. 

Toss the priestchockers in the water reserved from the broccoli rabe, and sauté for a minute and adjust your seasoning.

Priestchokers with broccoli rape and anchovies…. done!!

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