Smoked Salmon Papardelle

Chef Jason from Mohegan Manor in Baldwinsville shares his recipe for "Smoked Salmon Papardelle."  This dish will be featured at their Trichero Wine Dinner on Tuesday, October 22.

Mohegan Manor is located at 58 Oswego Street in Baldwinsville.  For dining reservations or more information about any of their great events, visit their website by clicking here or by calling (315) 857-0079.

Smoked Salmon Papardelle
3 oz Smoked salmon
8 oz Heavy cream
1 oz Garlic
1 oz Fresh asparagus
Pinch of Shaved asiago cheese
6 oz Herb infused papardelle pasta
Grilled pineapple as garnish

Cook salmon in saute pan, in a mix of the cream, garlic, asparagus and cheese.  Add the pasta and once heated, and the fish is cooked, put it on a plate and top with the pineapple.  Enjoy!

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