Wegmans Wednesday: Baked Vegetables

Wegmans Wednesday: Baked Vegetables

Spaghetti Squash Gratin

1   spaghetti squash (2-3 lbs), halved, stem to blossom end, seeded
1   clove Food You Feel Good About Peeled Garlic, chopped
1   Tbsp chopped fresh thyme
2   Tbsp chopped fresh parsley
1/2   tsp salt
1/4   tsp coarsely ground pepper
1   pkg (8 oz) Vermont Butter & Cheese Creme Fraiche
3   oz shredded Asiago cheese (about 1 cup) (Cheese Shop)

You'll Need: 2-qt shallow casserole dish

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.

Place squash, skin side up (one half at a time), on microwave-safe dish; cover with microwave-safe plastic wrap. Microwave on HIGH 10-12 min, until tender. Let rest covered 10-15 min, until cool enough to handle; carefully remove plastic wrap to avoid steam.
Run tines of fork lengthwise over cut surface of squash to loosen spaghetti-like strands; scoop out strands. If necessary, drain excess liquid. Set aside.
Combine garlic, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, creme fraiche, and 2/3 cup cheese in small bowl. Fold into squash; place in shallow ovenproof casserole dish. Top with remaining cheese.
Bake 20 min or until lightly browned.

Chef Tip:
May be cooked in individual ramekins.

Cauliflower & Spinach Gratin

1   head cauliflower, broken into small florets (or 2 lbs cauliflower florets)
1   pkg (10 oz) Food You Feel Good About Fresh Spinach, stemmed (large stems only), rinsed
Salt and pepper to taste
1   cup Italian Classics Seasoned Bread Crumbs, divided
1   container (13 oz) Italian Classics Alfredo Sauce (Dairy Dept)
1/2   cup Wegmans Low-Moisture Part-Skim Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
1   Tbsp Wegmans Basting Oil
1   Tbsp Wegmans Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

You'll Need: 13 x 9-inch baking dish

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Add cauliflower and spinach to large mixing bowl; season with salt and pepper. Add 1/2 cup bread crumbs, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella; mix well. Set aside.
Make topping: Combine remaining 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs and basting oil in small bowl. Set aside.
Grease baking dish with olive oil; add vegetable-cheese mixture to dish.
Bake 40 min, uncovered, stirring halfway through cooking time. Remove from oven; sprinkle with topping. Return to oven; bake 15 min, until topping is light golden brown.

Escarole & Leek Gratin

2   pkgs (15 oz each) Food You Feel Good About Chopped Escarole
3   Tbsp Wegmans Pure Olive Oil
3   pkgs (8 oz each) Food You Feel Good About Cleaned & Cut Leeks, cut in 1/2-inch slices
5   cloves Food You Feel Good About Peeled Garlic, chopped
1   cup (8 oz) Wegmans Heavy Cream
1/2   cup chopped fresh parsley, divided
3/4   cup (6 oz) Food You Feel Good About Vegetable Culinary Stock
1 1/4   cups Italian Classics Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese (Cheese Shop), divided
1/2   cup Italian Classics Roasted Garlic Bread Crumbs

You'll Need: 5-qt braising pan, 3-qt casserole dish

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Blanch escarole 2 min in large pot of boiling salted water. Drain. Transfer to bowl of ice water. Drain in colander, pressing to drain off all excess moisture. Set aside.
Add oil and leeks to braising pan on MEDIUM. Cook, stirring, about 6 min, until leeks are soft but not browned. Add garlic; cook 1 1/2 min.
Add heavy cream. Cook 4 min to reduce. Add escarole. Stir in 1/4 cup parsley and vegetable stock. Bring to simmer. Remove from heat; fold in 3/4 cup cheese. Blend well; transfer to casserole.
Mix remaining 1/2 cup cheese, 1/4 cup parsley, and bread crumbs in small bowl; sprinkle over vegetable mixture before baking. Bake 25 min, or until top is golden-brown.

Chef Tips:
Can be prepared a day ahead. Sprinkle topping mixture on just before baking. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake about 45 min.

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