How diet and exercise help you lose weight

We all know diet and exercise are the keys to getting into shape, but what we may not realize is how important they are to each other.
(ABC) – If you’re trying to get your body back in shape, it turns out that diet and exercise are most powerful when they’re partners.

A study in the “Annals of Behavioral Medicine” looked at about 200 sedentary, middle-aged men and women.

One group started diet and exercise at the same time, the other did not.

After 12 months, those who began diet and exercise simultaneously improved in all areas, including:
  • Exercising for at least 150 minutes per week
  • Eating five to nine servings of vegetables per day
  • And taking 10 percent of less total saturated fat per day
The other groups did not do as well.

The authors also found that focusing on changing diet first may actually interfere with setting a consistent exercise routine.

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