Search for attempted robbery suspect in Corning

Robert Rouille is wanted in connection to an attempted robbery.
Corning (WSYR-TV) - A man wanted in connection to an attempted robbery in Corning is on the run, according to investigators.

WETM-TV is reporting that Robert Rouille has a long criminal history, including being convicted for Manslaughter when he was a teenager. Now he is the target of a massive manhunt.

State Police say they got a tip that Robert Rouille was in Corning. When they pulled over a car in the area, Rouille reportedly got out of the vehicle and ran, jumping a fence near homes along Sunset Drive.

As troopers search homes, garages, and sheds in the area near Sunset Drive, a helicopter overhead searched from the sky.

Seth Felker of Corning watched the search unfold.

"Me and my buddy were walking up the alleyway and the cops surrounded a house, telling us to get back and they went into the shed and had their guns drawn," Felker said.

Police are encouraging people to stay inside their homes and call 911 to report any suspicious activity.

WETM-TV is reporting that state police call Rouille a menace to society, who is still considered armed and dangerous.

State Police say he was wearing light brown camouflage shorts, possibly a red t-shirt.

He is 6'2'' tall and weighs around 200 pounds.

The driver of the car Rouille was riding in has been arrested.

Police are not releasing her name at this time.

Drugs were reportedly found in the car.
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