Business offers loaner scooter to man who can’t get his repaired: Your Stories

A local business has stepped up to help a Syracuse amputee regain his independence.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - A local business has stepped up to help a Syracuse amputee regain his independence.

Last week, NewsChannel 9 introduced you to Maurice Webb. The scooter he used to get around in was broken and the company he got it from wouldn't fix it.

“For me to be completely de-mobilized was absolutely insane. I mean, stir crazy was not the name for it,” Webb said.

A few weeks ago, his scooter from The Scooter Store, paid for by Medicare, stopped working and no one was coming to fix it like they said they would.

What Webb didn’t know was that The Scooter Store recently furloughed most of its workers in the wake of a Medicare fraud investigation by the FBI.

NewsChannel 9 made some calls to local businesses to see if they might be able to fix it for Maurice.  It turns out that certain Medicare guidelines restrict them from doing so. Businesses won't fix it unless you pay out of pocket.

Rothschild's in Syracuse offered to give him a loaner, free of charge. He could have a new chair in two weeks.

Webb told NewsChannel 9, “I am so appreciative to everybody that put in a diligent effort to resolve my problem. At this point, from this time last week to this week there's been a great change. I'm mobile. I'm independent again and I’m gratefully thankful."

He says he still hasn't heard from The Scooter Store.

NewsChannel 9 called the federal Heath and Human Services department which oversees Medicare. A spokeswoman would only say that if you run into the same problem as Webb, you should call 1-800-MEDICARE and they'll work with you to resolve it.

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