2012 is Warmest Year in Syracuse Record....(12-31-12)

<B>(8:30 pm Monday December 31st)</B> As we get ready to ring in 2013, we can call 2012 the warmest year in Syracuse recorded history.
We still have a few more hours to go to make it official but 2012 is going to be the warmest year on record in Syracuse. It’s not even going to be close.  If this was a 12 round heavyweight boxing match they would have called it after 9 or 10 rounds.  We have essentially know this was going to be the case for the last month or so since we were so far ahead of all the other years in the top ten.  It is the biggest weather story of the year. With the last day of 2012 winding down here is where this year stacks up:

2012*52.6 F
193151.4 F
199850.8 F
194950.6 F
201150.6 F
193650.4 F
192150.4 F
195350.4 F
200250.4 F
200650.3 F

* Through December 30th

Breaking the old record by 1 F may not feel all that big but notice the separation of all the years below 2012. Most of the other top ten places are only separated by a couple of tenths. To break this entire yearly record by a full degree is a big deal! Records have been kept in Syracuse since 1902. Notice that on this list of 10 years, five of the warmest years have occurred over the last 20 years.

One of the reasons we broke the record was the consistency of the warmth.  Every month except April and November was above normal in temperature and most were well above normal.

MonthTemperature Departure
January+7.5 F
February+6.4 F
March+12.3 F
April-1.0 F
May+6.7 F
June+2.1 F
July+4.9 F
August+3.2 F
September+1.6 F
October+3.6 F
November-1.3 F
December+5.9 F

30 of the last 36 months in Syracuse have had above normal temperatures. That’s an 83% clip or almost as good as Jim Boeheim’s winning percentage over the last 3 seasons.

There were also many extremes in our warmth in 2012.  It was the warmest March on record in Syracuse as was the winter period (December 2011-February 2012). We broke 13 record highs during the year climaxing with 101 F on July 17th.  There were NO record lows set in 2012.

I also took a look specifically at the high temperatures by day and how many of the 366 days in 2012 were above normal.  Here is the breakdown by month:

Month Above Normal High Temperatures
January24/31 Days
February23/29 Days
March22/31 Days
April12/30 Days
May25/31 Days
June16/30 Days
July29/31 Days
August23/31 Days
September17/30 Days
October18/31 Days
November12/30 Days
December22/31 Days
 Total243/366 Days (66%)

Fully 2/3rds of the days in 2012 had high temperatures that were above normal.  

It will probably take a week to a week and a half for all the data to be tallied but the United States as a whole will also break the record for the warmest year on record. More on that as the data comes in.
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