A Record Half Year...(7-3-12)

<B>(5:30 pm Tuesday July 3rd)</B> We all know we've had quite a bit of warm weather so far this year. I took a look at the first six months of the year and found just how unusually warm it has been.
We already know we’ve had our share of warm weather the past few months in central New York, but now that we're in the month of July, the first half of 2012 is in the books and what a six months it was! We had to do some serious number-crunching here in the Storm Team Weather Office over the last 100 plus years of Syracuse weather history -- but here is how we stacked up with the warmest first halves (January-June):

YearJan-June Temps
201248.2 F
193346.4 F
192146.1 F
198846.0 F
199145.7 F
194945.6 F
200245.3 F
199045.1 F
201045.0 F
193844.9 F

We're in first place, but the first thing that stands out on the chart is how far above second place we are this year.  While the difference between most of the years listed is only a few tenths of a degree, the the difference between this year and 1933 is a whopping 1.8 F! Also, while you have to go way back in time for second and third place, six out of the top ten years have come during the last 21 years. For a point of reference, our normal January through June temperatures is 42.4 F.

Every month in 2012 -- except April -- has been above normal in temperature and most months were well above normal.

MonthTemp Departure
January+7.5 F
February+6.4 F
March+12.3 F
April-1.0 F
May+6.7 F
June+2.1 F

Of course this is only six months of the year.  We’ll keep a close eye on temperatures the rest of the way in 2012 to see if this year ends up as one of the warmest on record.
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