A new record low this morning and more...(11-4-13)

<B>(10:15 am Monday November 4th)</B> A record low fell in Syracuse this morning but it was much more than that.

The record temperature of 23 F set in 1989 fell this morning when we hit 22 F at the Syracuse airport but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

That was the first record low set in Syracuse since May 19 2009, a stretch of almost four and a half years, technically a stretch of 1,630 days.  

In that time, since May 19th, 2009 we have set 26 record highs, almost a month worth of records. That is a pretty big discrepancy over that period of time.  I decided to take a look over a longer haul and found that since 2000 (almost 14 years) the difference is still striking


Record Highs


Record Lows


That means for every record low over that period of time, there have been more than 3 record lows. When you talk about record highs the question comes up “What about all the heat in the 1930s?” While there was heat and record highs in that decade even if you compare a similar stretch from 1930-1943 you come up with just 66 record highs.

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