A quick update looking toward the end of the month (6-6-12)

Finally, I have a few minutes to just glance at some weather for once. Where is the warmth? Things will be changing.
(WSYR-TV, Syracuse)  The hectic schedule of tasks took a break tonight, which gave me a chance to peruse some weather maps.  Not surprisingly, the NAO was near record low territory over the past week.  Record low, at least for this time of year.  No shock that we slipped into a blocky, cool and unsettled weather pattern.  For you snow lovers, you would have loved this in winter.  In summer, it means temperatures that are running about 5 degrees below normal for the month of June through the first 5 days and a smattering of afternoon showers.

The pattern is slowly breaking down, as evidenced by our slow warming trend since we had highs only in the mid 60s Monday.  By this coming weekend, highs will get into the 80s, and it still looks like we could touch 90 Monday and perhaps even Tuesday next week.

Beyond that, there is just a slight cool down for the middle of next week, but beyond that I believe it's full steam ahead for some warm weather.  With the NAO nowhere near as negative, this cool pattern has to break down and I believe it will in a big way.  I don't see a several day stretch of 90 degree heat beginning Father's Day weekend, but I would expect some heat of that magnitude between next weekend and the final full weekend of June (23rd and 24th).  Based on what I'm seeing tonight, and have seen over the past couple of days, I think high temperatures more consistently near to above 80 are very likely for the period of 6/17 - 6/24.  Perhaps even beyond.

Of course this could all change, but I just wanted to give you a heads up that things appear to be ready to change.  Appropriate, since the first day of Summer is 2 weeks from today. - Dave
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