Finally, signs of Spring! (3-29-13)

<B>(9:00 pm Friday March 29th)</B>While there still is some chilly air to deal with next week, there are signs beyond that Spring could finally be getting a jump start here in central New York.
We been searching the weather data for signs that Spring weather is right around the corner. Over the last week or two there hasn’t been much to hang our hats on.  Even a couple of days ago, I was hard-pressed to find something through the first week of April. Now, like the first shoots of the spring flowers breaking through the ground, the signs of a pattern change are starting to show up. If you’re following me on Facebook or subscribe to my Twitter feed you already caught wind of this earlier today.  Just search “JimTeskeNC9”  on either site.

Here are a couple of maps that show the upcoming change.  First, I’m going to show you the GFS model for this Monday.  In spite of the 50 degree weather for Easter Sunday there is another shot of chilly air coming our way early next week.

Ok, so that is colder air, what about the change.  Well here is a similar map for 5 days later, Saturday April 6th.

What a change in just those 5 days!  The cold air has retreated well north into Canada and our air is coming from the Pacific, driven by the zonal west to east flow and flooding the lower 48 states.  The good news is the European model seems to back up what the GFS is spitting out.  Here is a map I posted on Facebook and Twitter earlier this evening:

To back all this up, I looked at the new 8 to 14 day forecast from the Climate Prediction Center and for the first time in about two weeks I don’t see a big blue blob of below normal temperatures over us here in the Northeast:

You may not be all that excited with no sign of above normal temperatures near us but keep in mind ‘normal’ for Syracuse during this time is mid 50s.  Given the last half of March we just went through, I think a lot of us would take mid 50s for a while. So bear with the cool down next week, keep a stiff upper lip because a change does look like it is coming.

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