More Warmth Next Week...(10-18-12)

<B>(5:30 pm Thursday October 18th)</B>It looks like our current spell of warm, fall weather will come to an end this weekend but there are signs of another warm up in the works.
We’ve had a nice couple of days here in central New York with temperatures well above normal for the middle of October.  Our high temperature the last two days have averaged about 7 degrees above normal. A shot of more seasonal air is still destined for us this weekend but all the computer model data we look at suggests temperatures will be above normal yet again next week. Here are a few maps that bear this out.  The first is the GFS ensemble map for next Wednesday:

When you start to look into the end of next week and beginning of the following weekend the signs are still strong for above normal temperatures.  This trend is backed up by not only the GFS but the European ensembles as well.

Here is the 6 to 10 day temperature forecast that came out from the Climate Prediction Center earlier today and it comes as no surprise that the confidence in above normal temperatures here in the eastern United States is high:

The normal high temperature for us next week is between 56 and 58 F and given the jet stream pattern we see over the next 7 to 8 days we should see some more 60 degree weather here in central New York.  Unlike the last couple of days we will likely have to contend with more in the way of wet weather with this warm up. There are signs we would start to cool down either at the end of next weekend (October 27/28) or during the following week but that will be talk for another blog.
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