Our Record Breaking Day....(12-4-12)

<B>(6:00 pm Tuesday December 4th)</B>It was a record breaking day in Syracuse on Tuesday. It joined just a handful of other December days that cracked 70 degrees.
It was a rare feat here in central New York on Tuesday.  Not only did we break the record high for the date (the old record was 66 set in 1941) but our 70 degrees today is one of only a few December days in Syracuse that have been that warm.  Last night during our newscast we put into perspective how common 60 or 65 degree weather is in December but 70 degree weather is a bit more un-common.

Odds of Dec. Temp
60 F or Greater1 out of 2 years
65 F or Greater1 out of 5 years
70 F or Greater1 out of 15 years

Here is a look at the other times we’ve reached or exceeded 70 degrees in December:

DateTempSeasonal Snow
December 10, 196670 F83.0”
December 7, 199870 F98.3”
December 6, 200172 F59.4”

So we are in elite company in terms of December warmth.  I have included what the seasonal snowfall was like in those years since I know you are wondering but I have to caution you from making too much of a connection just yet  This is a very small sample of years.

We are certainly going to be much colder tomorrow (Wednesday) and there will be snow showers around but does this signal a change to a more sustained period of winter weather? At least through the middle of the week the answer seems to be no.  Here is what we are seeing from both the GFS and European models up at the jet stream level out into the end of next week.

These maps are means for the period of Tuesday through Friday next week. That’s not to say we won’t have any winter weather next week here in central New York.  The storm track with the forecasted jet stream above would be through the middle of the country up into the Great Lakes.  That puts us on the mild side of storms initially but would allow for at least some seasonably cool air and lake effect in each storm’s wake.
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