Our weather this week into next...(4-22-13)

<B>(6:00 pm Monday April 22nd)</B> We won't be riding as much of a rollercoaster this week as central New York temperatures stay closer to normal.
As I mentioned in an earlier post on Facebook, our swings in temperatures this week over central New York will be less pronounced than last week.  Instead of rising into the 70s then dropping into the 40s, our highs will be bouncing between the 50s and 60s which is closer normal.

We’ve had a wet start to April and we are about an inch ahead of normal so far but we get a chance to dry out.  Tuesday will be our third straight day with NO precipitation in Syracuse and that will be the longest dry stretch since mid December.  Our best chance for rain this week will be Wednesday afternoon as a cold front moves through. Here is a forecast map from the NAM for Wednesday late afternoon that shows the systems that will likely bring us some rain this week:

To get give you a ballpark numbers of how much rain will fall, we are thinking Wednesday’s rain will end up around half an inch and Thursday’s rain will be less than a quarter of an inch.

I’ve been looking ahead into next week and there is some good and potentially bad news. This chilliest air on this side of the northern hemisphere will be quite a ways from us here in central New York.  It looks like it will end up in northwest Canada stretching up to Alaska.  However, there have been hints on some of our computer models that a storm in the upper atmosphere will try to spin up and stall somewhere in the East next week.  Where this upper level storm sets up will determine exactly what our weather is like but if it is close enough to us it could end up cloudy and wet around here.  

Even if we get into some wet weather, it may not turn out all that cool by late April standards.

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