Sandy Still Moving North...(10-26-12)

<B>(6:00 pm Friday October 26th)</B>Hurricane Sandy has weakened but it is still moving north. Here is the latest on the track.
Here is a quick update on Sandy.  She has had a rough 24 hours as some wind shear has caused the storm to weaken to 75 mph which makes it a minimal category 1 hurricane. Normally we would expect a tropical system to continue to weaken as it moves north but 1) it will continue to travel over the warm Gulf Stream and 2) early next week it is going to get a jolt of energy as the jet stream winds aloft take a big dip in the eastern United States. Here is the latest from the National Hurricane Center.

The thing I found most interesting from this update is the folks at the NHC didn’t nudge the expected landfall a bit farther north.  The GFS and Canadian models both remained generally steady with the storm coming ashore near New York City/Long Island.  Meanwhile, this morning’s European model (which has consistently tracked the storm across the Chesapeake Bay) has the storm striking central New Jersey.

So we will continue to track the storm over the weekend and pass along any important information.
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