Windy and warm Wednesday, with showers

Temperatures staying mild for one more day, with rain showers scattered throughout the day. Then we begin to cool.
(WSYR-TV, Syracuse) As we move deeper into Fall, the pace and vigor of storms increase, and this week is no exception.  We've got a fairly potent storm moving into the northern Great Lakes.  This track is to our north and west, so given the counterclockwise wind around that low, we'll be on the mild side of this system.  

That will mean temperatures won't drop much tonight, and we'll be off an running to a mild day Wednesday.  As we go through tonight, south winds around 1000-2000 feet are forecast to increase.  This will mean a breezy beginning to Wednesday, with speeds of 15-25 mph possible over the higher elevations of CNY.  Temperatures in the lower atmosphere are forecast to increase with height, which is a stable setup.  This will mean that those stronger winds aloft most likely not make it down to the lower elevations late tonight and Wednesday morning.

Eventually, those south winds will tap into a moisture rich atmosphere across the southern US, and we'll begin to see rain.  At this point, I don't expect widespread rain during the day Wednesday.  More like on and off showers, with many rain-free periods.  Temperatures should get a chance to warm to near 70.  South winds will continue through the day Wednesday, probably somewhere in that 15-25 mph range.

Rain chances will increase later Wednesday and Wednesday night.  The storm that I mentioned above will drag a cold front eastward through our area.  With an abundant feed of moisture from the southern US and some help from some jet stream dynamics, steadier rain and some thunder are possible through the first half of Wednesday night.

After a lingering shower Thursday morning, it looks mainly dry through the day.  Although we'll be sandwiched between Wednesday night's rain and another area of rain Thursday night.  Temperatures will be a little cooler Thursday...probably topping out around 65.

We are expecting a cool down heading into the weekend.  Instead of an abrupt change to colder weather, we'll see a more typical step down in temperatures; probably losing about 5 degrees or so in afternoon high temperatures heading right into the weekend.

I'll go into more detail Wednesday night, but all signs point toward a more impressive cool down for the middle of next week.  I'll go out on a limb right now, but the way things are shaping up now as I see it, 1 or 2 days next week will likely only have highs in the 40s.

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