Gillette Road Middle schoolers excited about new fitness playground

CICERO (WSYR-TV) - A new playground encouraging kids to exercise is creating a lot of buzz at Gillette Road Middle School. 

The Energy Fitness System, built over the summer, has 14 workout stations with six exercise moves for each.

The new playground aims to make fitness fun with hopes kids fall in love with being active. 

"Everyone sprinted when they say it," said Logan Ferris, a seventh grader. "Everyone was excited to get on and try." 

Childhood obesity is the number one health concern among families in the United States, impacting one in three kids or teens, according to the American Heart Association

"We really wanted a program that instills lifelong health," said GRMS Nurse Maureen Meyers. "We try to instill it very young, getting kids active and off the couch, and working on fitness right from the beginning."   

The fitness system is for kids ages 9 through 14 and the entire community is invited to take advantage of it anytime during afterschool hours. 

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