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Syracuse Facial Plastic Surgery

Let the experienced and qualified staff at Natural Face™ Centers help you with individualized treatment options for facial rejuvenation.  For over 20 years we have been helping our patients achieve natural, refreshed enhancement of their apperance using various surgical and non-surgical treatments in Syracuse and Central New York.

At all Natural Face™ Centers you can expect the following:
Complimentary consultations educating the patient on facial concerns including the newest and most advanced techniques in facial plastic surgery (All cosmetic consultations are complimentary, however some of your concerns may be covered by insurance.  In the event this is the case, we will advise what will be billed to your insurance company to establish medical necessity.  We will notify you at your consultation.)

Dedicated concierge and advocate specifically assigned to you AAAHC certified on-site private surgical suite staffed by board certified anesthesiologists to ensure privacy and safety

In house financing Concierge services for post operative care and transportation for out-of-town and international patients

Both Drs. Halliday and Kim are board certfied surgeons who specialize in cosmetic plastic surgery exclusively in face, head, and neck.  We will discuss various treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, and how we can achieve your goal.  While we offer the latest advances in facial rejuvenation, our surgical treatments are time-proven and safe with results that are refreshing and natural.

When you are ready to explore the possibilities of youthful and natural enhancement, trust the skills of our surgeons and their supporting staffs at Natural Face™ Centers.

Natural Face Centers
4939 Brittonfield Parkway, Building B, Suite 208
East Syracuse, NY 13057
Phone: 315-670-4468