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Price: $30.00

Please be warned that not all shows are available. If the clip you have requested is not available you will be contacted by a NewsChannel 9 staff member and you will receive a refund. 

By ordering the clip, you agree to the following terms: I am requesting a copy of the news broadcast by WSYR-TV described in this request for personal viewing use only. I understand, and agree, that the copy provided by WSYR-TV may not be duplicated, exhibited or licensed for any other purpose, and I agree that WSYR-TV shall not be liable to me in connection with my request for the copy or the contents thereof. I also agree to release and indemnify WSYR-TV from any claims or damages which may occur as a result of my obtaining this copy. The copy shall not be used as evidence in any legal matter or proceeding. 

Please describe as best you can the clip you are looking for in the Title/Description field. 

The charge for the clip covers the labor involved in finding the video segment, clearing its use, and making the dub, plus the cost of materials and postage. We are not able to discount that charge in cases where viewers pick up the DVD. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

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