Syracuse Television History Book

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Fans of “Baron Daemon” will love “Images of America: Syracuse Television,” the book celebrating more than 60 years of local broadcast history. 

And we have a special offer for fans of Central New York’s “Coolest Ghoul.”

NewsChannel 9 anchor and author Christie Casciano teamed with assignment editor Lou Gulino and Bridge Street executive producer Tim Fox to compile this scrapbook of TV memories… including photos from Mike Price’s personal collection.

The book traces the history of Salt City television from the time WHEN-TV Channel 8 went on the air in 1948 through to the present.

You’ll see memories from local television legends including the Baron, the Magic Toy Shop, Jim Deline and the Gang, and The Markert Place.

The trio compiled images and caption information from a host of archives throughout Central New York… including the Onondaga Historical Association, WTVH, WCNY, The Syracuse New Times, and several broadcasting veterans.

And, for longtime fans of “Colorful Channel 9,” we’ll include a DVD copy of “Baron Daemon’s Halloween Fright Fest.”

The hour-long special celebrates the career of Syracuse legend Mike Price.

You’ll learn about Baron Daemon and his move from late-night to kiddie TV; the story behind “The Transylvania Twist,” considered CNY’s best-selling music release of all time; and Mike’s 25-year run as NewsChannel 9’s Good News reporter.

Get an autographed copy of the book “Images of America: Syracuse Television” plus the Baron Daemon special… Shared memories for generations of Central New Yorkers… All for $20.00 plus postage.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 

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