Another hot afternoon

<B>(Tuesday Midday July 16, 2013)</B> Hot and humid will be the rule across central New York not only this afternoon but through the rest of the week. With a good deal of sunshine this afternoon, temperatures in Syracuse will rise into the low 90s and we likely won’t drop below 70 degrees tonight.
The weather over the eastern half of the country the next few days will continue to be dominated by a sprawling area of high pressure, both down at the ground and aloft.  As of this morning it was centered over the Ohio Valley, but because it is so large, we are certainly feeling its presence even here in Central New York. High pressure causes subsidence, or sinking air, while clouds and thunderstorms need rising air to form. This means today will be mainly clear and rain free.

Throughout the afternoon and into tomorrow the high pressure is expected to slowly drift to the southwest which may allow for an isolated shower or storm Wednesday afternoon, although it should be a mainly dry, albeit hot and humid, day. Our shower and storm chances continue to increase through the end of the week, with Saturday looking like showers and storms will be pretty widespread as a cold front moves through the area. With such a hot and humid air mass in place, some of these storms could pack a punch and is something to keep an eye on as we approach the weekend.

Temperature-wise, Wednesday is expected to be the warmest day we’ve experienced this year with temperatures approaching the mid-90s. Factor in the humidity and we expect the temperature to feel like it’s in the low 100’s tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures may be a degree or two lower on Thursday, but it will continue to feel like it is between 95 and 100. Friday is currently forecast to be in the low 90s, although that may be conservative. If we get enough sun during the day Friday, mid 90s certainly cannot be ruled out. Once the cold front clears the area this weekend, a cooler and less humid air mass will move in, providing much needed relief from the heat and humidity for the area Sunday into Monday. Temperatures will be near 80 with sunny skies and very comfortable humidity levels.
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