Chilly and Dry This Afternoon

<B>(Tuesday Midday November 6, 2012)</B> Central New York will gradually break into a mix of sun and clouds this election day afternoon. In spite of the sun, it will still be a cool day with temperatures only in the 40s.
High pressure is almost right above central New York this midday Tuesday.  However, this time of year, it doesn’t always guarantee sunny weather.  We had moisture leftover in the lower atmosphere from days and days of showers, plus the wind is light and we have a low November sun angle.  That is making it hard for clouds to break out. However, as we head through the afternoon drier air will win out and we should see some sunshine.

By this time tomorrow, high pressure should be positioned over Nova Scotia, Canada with low pressure centered well off the Delaware coast.  By Thursday morning, the nor’easter is projected be located off the Cape Cod coast.

Consequently, the latest indications continue to point to the storm not directly impacting central New York with rain or snow….that’s of course unless the storm track unexpectedly shifts farther west.  The most likely outcome Central New York will have is extra cloudiness Wednesday night into Thursday morning with perhaps some spotty light rain or snow, especially east of I-81.  As the storm pulls farther way from the East Coast, it will take with it the clouds and allow for increasing afternoon sun.

It should be noted, that areas affected by Sandy last week, will likely experience rain and potentially stronger type wind, however, impacts will not nearly as severe as with Sandy.

Back in Central New York, as we work into Friday and the weekend, indications are that we’ll build on Thursday’s afternoon weather as a stretch of dry and increasingly warm weather commences.  Winds will eventually turn into the west and southwest, importing mild to warm air into the region.  In fact, this weekend looks to be quite nice (heads up for those wanting to hang holiday decorations!) with highs possibly reaching 60 or better Sunday and lasting into Monday!
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