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Tax season has arrived and one Cicero man has a warning for people getting their taxes prepared by an agency.
Cicero (WSYR-TV) - Tax season has arrived and one Cicero man has a warning for people getting their taxes prepared by an agency.

Edward Thayer has worked since 2011 to get more than $2,000 back from H&R Block after they made a mistake on his return. Despite a guarantee from the company, Thayer has not seen his money.

Thayer’s problems with the tax-preparation giant began at their location on Route 11 in Cicero.

He paid $357 to have his taxes prepared by the company’s professionals. The preparer told Thayer that a sizeable refund was coming his way.

But a year and a half later, Thayer was surprised to discover that, in fact, he owed more than $2,500 because of a mistake on his tax return.

"They mailed it out on the fifth and I had to pay it on the 30th or I would have to pay more interest and penalties,” Thayer said.

He scrambled to put together the money to pay the government back within the four-week deadline and then called H&R Block about the mistake.

In an emailed response, an employee apologized and told Thayer, “I feel so stupid. That’s what I get for talking and typing at the same time.”

"She said they would be refunding the money we paid to have our taxes done immediately minus some $2 fee, and within two to six weeks I'll be getting my $2500 back,” Thayer said.

But Thayer never received his money, despite the company’s guarantee on the website that says “If H&R Block makes an error on your return, we’ll pay the resulting penalties with interest.”

“After four months of calling once a week they gave me a case number and that weeks good for two weeks after a few weeks they said that's not a good case number and you've got to refile with the legal department,” Thayer said.

After four months of going back and forth with H&R Block, he brought his case to small-claims court and received a judgment in his favor. But as the weeks passed, Thayer realized the company still hadn’t given him the money.

NewsChannel 9 called H&R Block. A company representative says the situation is being investigated, but they declined to answer questions from NewsChannel 9.

Thayer says he will continue to fight until his money has been returned.
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