Clouds, showers through Tuesday then warming

<B>(Monday Evening, April 29, 2013)</B> Clouds will remain stubborn tonight and there will a few light showers or areas of drizzle. Any showers will be scattered in nature Tuesday. While we expect it to be cloudy to start Tuesday, there could be some sunshine breaking through in the afternoon.

The weather over the East part of the United States is about to become all bottled up. We are about to evolve into what we call in meteorology an “Omega Block.”  In this situation, the pressure systems set up where high pressure is situated between two areas of low pressures creating what looks like the Greek letter ‘Omega.’ Once this pattern sets up, it only very slowly breaks down. Here in central New York we will end up close to high pressure as this block forms.  In the short term we will have clouds but we should break into sun and milder weather for the middle and end of the week.


Before we transition completely into our blocking pattern we do have the chore of scouring out some low level moisture over us during the next 24 to 36 hours.  While we can’t totally rule out any showers during this time, it looks like any rain will be spotty and light in nature. With high pressure trying to form over us, the forcing we need to create any showers will be rather weak.


There will be increasing amounts of sunshine and temperatures will warm quickly into the 70s come midweek as the Omega Block forms.  It won’t be so much that we are ‘importing’ warmer air into central New York as much as we will be creating this warm air mass in place.


It appears the blocking pattern will hold at least through the upcoming weekend so we see no reason to shift away from a forecast of dry, sunny and warm weather this Saturday and Sunday.  There are some signs that the pattern will try to break down early next week.  Since the confidence is low at this time, we are only going to go with a low chance for some showers or thunderstorms on Monday.

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