Cloudy and increasingly cooler and wetter this weekend

<B>(Saturday October 27, 2012)</B> Weather will mainly be dry to start the weekend but a slow-approaching cold front could spring up a few showers this afternoon, especially west of Syracuse.
Although the weather will be getting cooler over the weekend, it will still be rather quiet across central New York.  A cold front is approaching from the west and will slow down as it approaches us tomorrow.  Showers are possible, especially west of Syracuse.  The front stalls close by Sunday so we are still at risk for showers, but not heavy rain.

We continue to track Hurricane Sandy. As Sandy moves north, it will eventually merge with a separate system, the aforementioned cold front and its associated upper level trough/cold pool.  Typically when this occurs, the result is one large and very intense low pressure or storm.  Confidence is still high that this resultant storm (what is left of Sandy) will come ashore along the East Coast early next week.  The most likely corridor for landfall is from the Delmarva Peninsula to Long Island.

Naturally, this will have major implications on where the worst rain and wind occur.  Historical impacts are a distinct possibility along portions of the East Coast as the storm’s arrival will coincide with astronomically high tides early next week.  The most severe impacts (strongest wind, coastal flooding, widespread power outages, and beach erosion) are expected along the Eastern Seaboard close to and just north of where the storm comes ashore.

Here in Central New York we are still at risk for a period of heavy rain along with some strong winds.  It’s not out of the question that localized flooding develops, especially if heavy rain persists.  Right now, we’re targeting either Monday or Tuesday as the most likely time frame for the greatest impacts from this system.

We continue to fine tune the forecast as the storm heads north so stay tuned over the weekend for updates.

While the greatest impacts from Sandy will come early in the week, we will likely have to deal with Sandy (at least in a weakened form) for much of the week.  A big blocking high pressure up over the north Atlantic and Greenland is serving as a gigantic roadblock over this part of the Northern hemisphere.  That means once Sandy makes landfall it won’t be in any hurry to move out of the Northeast.  We are keeping cloudy cool and showery weather in the forecast through the end of next week.
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