Cold front approaching

<B>(Sunday Afternoon January 20, 2013)</B> Colder air will continue to move into central New York this afternoon on very gusty winds. Winds will slowly weaken later today but then our focus will shift to lake effect snow southeast of Lake Ontario for later today into tonight.
Winds will still be a big issue across central New York this afternoon.  We expect winds of 20-40 mph, which is still strong but the extreme wind gusts close to 50 mph will become less common. Wind advisories and warnings are still up for parts of central New York for the rest of the day.

The cold front that passed through Central New York earlier on Sunday was a potent one. We think temperatures will drop through the 20s this afternoon into the teens by Sunday night. Once the cold air arrives it is likely to be with us through much of the upcoming week. We could have four consecutive days where highs only make it into the teens.

With the cold air coming over Lake Ontario we expect lake effect snow to be an issue the remainder of today into tonight.  Initially, the winds will be out of the west which concentrate the steadiest snows over the counties east of Lake Ontario. Our winds should begin to turn into the northwest which will bring snows south into the Syracuse area.  A general 2-4" is possible today in the most persistent snows with 4" or more possible over the Tug Hill Plateau.

Tonight our winds will remain out of the northwest which means lake effect snow will continue southeast of the Lake, perhaps very close to the city of Syracuse.  There air will be traveling over Georgian Bay before it reaches Lake Ontario which should enhance the snowfall. We think parts of Wayne, northern Cayuga, northern Onondaga, northern Madison, Oneida and southern Oswego counties could have 6 inches or more of snow tonight from the lake effect.  The lake effect will be isolated to the counties listed above and outside this area there will just be a few flurries and colder and colder air filters in.

Lake effect will be temporarily distrupted Monday as an area of low pressure approaches from the west.  This low will move close to central New York Monday night with widespread snow expected over the entire region.  With that low off to our east Tuesday, we will back to more isolated lake effect snows and cold weather for Tuesday and Wednesday.
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