Cold tonight, quiet on Thursday

<B>(Wednesday Evening February 6, 2013)</B>Clear skies and diminishing winds will allow temperatures to drop quickly this evening. Some clouds move in overnight but not before we have a chance dropping close to zero. Clouds will continue to thicken on Thursday but it should stay dry.
The first part of our forecast is relatively easy.  A cold air mass will settle over us tonight.  Winds will die down this evening and we will have a period where temperatures drop quickly; well down into the single numbers.  We expect some clouds to move back in after midnight and that should slow our temperature drop just a bit.

Clouds will thicken on Thursday but our weather does remain relatively quiet.  We are between storm systems so other than a few flurries in the afternoon it should be a dry day.  It is after Thursday that things become interesting.

The basic set-up for Friday remains essentially the same.  The storm will begin as two separate systems for the end of the week.  One will be in the northern branch of the jet stream moving through the Great Lakes and towards Central New York.  Meanwhile, a second, more potent system will move through the southern branch of the jet stream at this time and will head off the Southeast coast Friday, rapidly deepening as it moves northeast.  The first system will transfer its energy to the coastal system but before this transfer takes place we are looking at an accumulating snow here in central New York. When this transfer specifically happens will determine just how much snow we will get Friday. To add to the uncertainty is the possibility of some sleet or freezing rain during the middle of the day, especially south of Syracuse.. 

We still expect the biggest snows and strongest winds across New England Friday night and Saturday as the coastal storm gets cranked up.  If you have travel plans by plane, train or automobile to the east of Syracuse during this time be aware that this storm will likely impact your plans.

Luckily, Friday’s storm system will be a fast mover as there is no block in the atmosphere up over the Canadian Maritimes to slow things down.  By Saturday, the weather in central New York will be improving.  We’ve still think a few flurries are possible early Saturday as a northerly flow of colder air coming over Lake Ontario will cause a limited amount of lake effect.  Our weather for the rest of the weekend is quiet as high pressure builds right over us.  Plan for a cold night Saturday night but with plenty of sunshine we should begin to warm Sunday.  Rain showers still look like a good bet by Monday as temperatures go above normal.
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