Community leaders ask for help from neighbors in solving a murder

Neighbors and community leaders urge possible witnesses to come forward to help police solve the murder of a Syracuse man killed in front of his seven-year-old son.
More than 30 community leaders joined together Tuesday at the Dunbar Center on Syracuse's south side to plead with their neighbors to come forward with any information that could help solve the murder of 65-year-old Jerry Mack.

Mack was killed Friday while his 7-year old son was in the house and watched three men attack his dad.  Police believe robbery was the motive but, so far investigators have few clues as to the identity of the three attackers.

"When a 7-year old child has to witness the death of his father at the hands of others, no that is not acceptable," Common Councilor and anti-violence activist Helen Hudson told the gathering. 

"This violence is spreading through our Syracuse community like a virus," said Tim Jennings-Bey, "We have to put preventive measures in place to cut this virus off in it's path." 

"Come in and do the right thing, so everybody at night, can sleep and so we give our prayers to our community," added Walt Dixie of the National Action Network. "Lets stay strong, but we can no longer be silent."
The group understands potential witnesses might be concerned for their safety or may not be comfortable talking to police. Rev. Kevin Agee of the Hopps Memorial CME Church said "If there is anybody else who, for whatever reason, would feel comfortable coming to one of us....we offer ourselves. You can come and share with us and we'll go with you to share with the police.

If you have information that can help police, call them at 442-5222.  all calls will be kept confidential.
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