Early week lake effect wanes

Lake-effect snow is much weaker today but not before creating headaches for drivers and folks living in areas farther north of Syracuse.
Your Weather Photos: Lake effect snow buries parts of CNY

Syracuse (WSYR-TV/AP) -- Lake-effect squalls dropped heavy amounts of snow over areas north of Syracuse the last couple of days, creating a headache for drivers.

The city of Oswego has been hit especially hard, prompting the city to launch an overnight parking ban.

In Fulton, another round of snow on Tuesday meant clearing the driveway, yet again. It’s been a constant battle for the past three days, especially for those who have no choice but to battle the elements.

NewsChannel 9 caught up with mail carrier Robert Whitman who told us you need two things in this type of weather: determination and a lot of clothes.

"Oh yeah, there's like two layers of thermals, sweater and another coat underneath this one,” Whitman said.

Icy road conditions are also be blamed for a number of crashes along state highways. Police say 11 vehicles crashed in a series of five accidents on Interstate 81 shortly before 1 p.m. during Monday’s storm.

The lake effect has tapered to just a few snow showers this morning and now the big story is the cold.  Temperatures will not even rise to +10 today and even a light breeze will put the wind chill below zero.

All of this snow and bitter cold is gaining national attention. ABC’s Good Morning America had a crew in Fulton Wednesday morning reporting on the cold and heavy snow.
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