Even milder to end the weekend

<B>(Saturday Evening, March 9, 2013)</B>Skies will remain clear tonight across central New York as temperatures drop quickly into the 20s. There will be more in the way of clouds mixing in with the sunshine tomorrow but still, with southerly breezes, we should manage to see temperatures rise into the 50s to end the weekend.
High pressure is centered almost right over central New York as we start Saturday evening.  Although it will drift to our east overnight and into Sunday, it will still influence our weather.  As this high drifts to our east, our winds will turn into the southeast and then the south and that will import milder air our way for the end of the weekend.  There is a bit of a trade off, however, for this warmth to happen.  We think there will be more clouds mixing in with the sun as we go through the day.

The clouds are a forerunner of a frontal system that will impact the middle of the country with rain and snow on Sunday.  This frontal system is a slow mover so we aren’t expecting any precipitation for Sunday and now it even looks like the chances for rain showers Monday, at least during the day, are low as well.  With the rain being delayed, we are going to bump up our high temperature for Monday.  Since we may start the day close to 40 degrees, there is a good chance we could reach the mid 50s for the second day in a row.  However, this warmth will not last.

The frontal system we mentioned above will move through central New York Tuesday morning.  Rain showers are most likely ahead of the front Monday night through the first part of the day Tuesday.  As these showers move to our east, colder air will begin to move into central New York Tuesday afternoon.

Once the colder air begins to move in, it will be with us here in central New York and the entire Northeast through the rest of the week.  There will likely be lake effect snow showers with this colder air from time to time.  It will hardly feel or look like the middle of March.
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