Lake snows causing travel problems overnight

<B>(Thursday Night January 31, 2013)</B> Most of us will remain windy and cold overnight. While some lake snows are streaming into CNY south of Syracuse off of Lake Erie, the main story will be a band of heavy lake effect snow moving south through Oswego and Oneida counties. Whiteouts and zero visibility can be expected in the band of snow.
While winds will remain gusty overnight, the overall trend is for the wind speeds to GRADUALLY diminish.  Temperatures will drop into the teens by morning.

The cold air moving over the Great Lakes is producing quite a response of lake effect snow.  One band of snow off of Lake Erie, has been producing a narrow, localized band of heavy snow, south of Syracuse.  Locally, 3 or more inches of snow are possible in that band with gusty winds producing near zero visibility at times.

Off of Lake Ontario, a much more intense band of snow is pounding Oswego, Lewis and Oneida counties.  Zero visibility, whiteouts, and snowfall rates of 1 to 3 inches of snow per hour will occur in this band overnight.  The snow band is SLOWLY moving south and will lie near, or just north of the Thruway by Friday morning’s commute.  A foot or more of new snow is possible in the most persistent lake effect snow overnight.

As winds turn a bit more into the northwest Friday morning, lake effect snow will continue to shift back into the Finger Lakes and weaken.  The rest of Friday will be highlighted by colder weather.  The air mass moving in for the end of the week is not nearly as cold as what we went through last week but still our temperatures will be about 10 degrees below normal for this time of year. 

We mentioned that lake effect will weaken during the middle of the day Friday but it won’t come to an end.  In fact, there is a chance that it will try to re-organize Friday evening as winds begin to shift again.  Ultimately the winds Friday night will turn back into the west but before they do they will become favorable for putting a few squalls in the Syracuse area.  Again, we expect this to be during the first part of the night and overnight any squalls would shift north of Syracuse.  Winds turn more into the southwest which would put any squalls off Lake Ontario even farther north of Syracuse. The only thing we have to keep a close eye on is some activity that would come off Lake Erie into the Finger Lakes.
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