Not as Sunny, But Still Nice...

<B>(Tuesday Midday November 20, 2012)</B> High clouds will have the upper hand the rest of today, resulting in only limited, dim sun across central New York. Still, it’ll be a decent day as high temperatures reach or exceed 50. Clouds will thin later tonight and early tomorrow leading to plenty of sunshine on the big travel day before Thanksgiving.
A large area of high pressure stretches from Tennessee to New England and is expected to remain in control of our weather through the Thanksgiving holiday.  The only proverbial “fly in the ointment” is for some mid and high level cloud cover today and tonight as a weakening cold front approaches from the west.  While clouds will generally have the upper hand through tonight, we’ll still manage to have some limited sun along with seasonably mild temperatures.

Once these clouds move out later tonight or early tomorrow morning high pressure will re-exert itself for the big travel day Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day.  That means more sunshine and above normal temperatures.

A change in our weather will come Friday as a strong cold moves through central New York. The weather will remain largely mild and dry through the big shopping day, Black Friday, as highs reach well into the 50s.  While a chance for showers is evident on the planning forecast Friday, indications are that best chance will come later in the afternoon.  If you are an early Black Friday shopper, those showers won’t be an issue for you.

That sets the stage for a sharp drop in temperature Saturday and Sunday.  In fact, we’ll have to include the threat for snow showers this weekend as temperatures struggle to reach 40° for daily highs. Chilly temperatures may stick around into early next week.
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