Quiet Sunday start with snow to finish

<B>(Saturday Night February 2, 2013)</B> A few flurries taper away overnight. Quieter times will be with us on Sunday morning, but a stronger system will cause evening snow squalls.

A band of lake effect snow in the North Country will continue to run its course through the overnight, mainly confined to areas near the lakeshore. We’re expecting the band of snow will weaken and shift northward, creating quieter times for the North Country by Sunday morning.

Elsewhere across CNY, the light nuisance flurries we’ve been seeing are letting up. Sunday should actually start off rather calm. Clouds will be around, but the sunshine will peek through at times making for a rather pleasant early half of the day. Temperatures will also be a touch better, extending towards the mid and high 20s.

A couple systems will come together at the end of the weekend to spin up a bigger storm system off the New England coast Sunday evening.  While this bigger storm will be too far east to directly impact us, one of the weaker systems forming that storm will move through central New York during the afternoon. This will cause snow to break out during the last half of the day.  There could even be a brief period of squally weather. 

As the aforementioned storm forms off New England, northwesterly winds will start to strengthen over Sunday night into Monday.  That means a renewed threat for lake effect snow in central New York.

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