Remembering SU’s 1975 Final Four team

There have been many memorable Final Four runs for SU, but the 1975 team often gets overlooked.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) -- There have been many memorable Final Four runs for SU, but the 1975 team often gets overlooked.

They’d been in the last two NCAA tournaments, but almost no one thought the Orange – in their blue uniforms – would be in the Final Four playing Kentucky.

"It wasn't all the hype that it is now, the press, you didn't have all the talking heads and all the commentators talking about the road to the Final Four, this was before bracketology, but it was every bit as big,” said Steve Shaw, 1975 senior forward.

It was the last season for UCLA’s legendary coach John Wooden. He was in a huge matchup in the other semi with his former assistant Denny Crum who brought in an incredible Louisville team. “Roy’s Runts” as SU was known took on perennial powerhouse Kentucky.

"They were a big team and kind of overpowered us, but didn't blow us out, we battled hard and it was exciting to battle Kentucky,” Shaw continued.

SU also fell in the consolation game to Louisville.

“It was a hard game to get motivated for, but I think Louisville was less motivated than we were because they were a power,” Shaw said.

Even though the team came up short in San Diego, the scene when they came home was absolutely unbelievable according to one of the assistant coaches on the team at the time, who has since gone on to some bigger things.

"I'll never forget that coming back to Hancock Airport, there was were eight to 10,000 people there, it was the wildest thing I've ever seen. They were on the outside, on the fences, inside, it was really probably one of the craziest things I've ever seen,” coach Boeheim said.

"We were able to have what coach Danforth said was the greatest moment in Syracuse basketball history, so that was something we were all very proud of being a part of and something we will always have with us,” Shaw said.
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