Steadier, heavier snow this PM

<B>(Friday Afternoon February 8, 2013)</B> Steadier snow will be over central New York with heavier snow arriving to the Syracuse area in the mid to late afternoon. Most of us can expect around 4-8” with possible higher amounts.
Two winter storms will combine over the Northeast in the next 12 hours, creating blizzard-like conditions for coastal metropolitan areas. The first system we’re watching is currently over Lake Erie, moving due east. The second is a coastal low pressure system just offshore of Virginia. The two will merge off the coast of the Tri-State area this evening, bringing up to 2’ of snow to New England and upwards of a foot to the New York City area. Here in central New York, we’ll be spared from the brunt of the storm but will still see significant amounts of snow accumulation by Saturday morning.

Heavy snow will continue to pass through CNY today, with the heaviest snows arriving in Syracuse area in the mid to late afternoon. This should be right around the time kids are coming home from school and many are preparing to commute home from work. This snow is mainly from the first aforementioned system as it glides towards the coast. The second low is just too far east to create significant impacts for most of our area. While much of central New York is under a threat for 4-8” of snow, those east of I-81 could see 8-12” by Saturday morning. Another area with potentially greater amounts of snowfall is right along the Lake Ontario shoreline. For the latest snowfall forecast map, click Here.

This storm system will be a fast mover as there is no block in the atmosphere up over the Canadian Maritimes to slow things down.  By Saturday, the weather in central New York will be improving.  We still think a few flurries are possible early Saturday as a northerly flow of colder air coming over Lake Ontario will cause a limited amount of lake effect.  Our weather for the rest of the weekend is quiet as high pressure builds right over us.  Plan for a cold night Saturday night but with plenty of sunshine we should begin to warm Sunday.

A new storm system coming out of the middle of the country will track northeast into the Great Lakes Monday.  Southerly winds ahead of the system will try to bring milder air into central New York. Initially, cold air will hold tough so there could be a brief period of wintry mix before we go over to rain showers.
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