Syracuse-based Ephesus Lighting illuminating more arenas

A young Syracuse company has quickly put itself on the map across the country and in Canada.
Syracuse (WSYR-TV) – A young Syracuse company has quickly put itself on the map across the country and in Canada.

By next week, Ephesus Lighting will be in six different arenas in North America – with many more to come.

Ephesus – which recently partnered with another local company, Anaren Microwave – helped the old War Memorial leap into the 21st century with little more than a flip of a switch.

The company helped the building the Syracuse Crunch calls home become the first arena to install and use LED lighting.

"It's first exciting to see a company like Ephesus grown in Central New York, which is very exciting, also to see the traction we've got in the marketplace, the acceptance of our solution and just where the company potential is,” said Ephesus COO Mike Lorenz.

Ephesus grew out of the Syracuse Tech Garden and into a leader of the emerging technology of large-scale LED lighting.

The War Memorial was key in helping the company’s vision move from an idea on paper four years ago to a working invention. The facility gave Ephesus a place to show off what they can do.

"To see these lights and to actually say it can be done and it's achievable and then who is this Ephesus Company, now we're being known across the United States and that's what's really exciting,” said Ephesus Lighting President Joe Casper.

But it was recognition in their own backyard that may have really launched the company.

Anaren Microwave – a 45-year-old Syracuse company – reached out and offered its services.

Their wireless control box not only helped Ephesus grow but created a whole new side of Anaren's business.

"Their product is nothing short of sensational. It's given our fans a whole new experience and it’s given our players better vision on the ice, no question,” said Syracuse Crunch owner Howard Dolgon.

The company is in five professional AHL arenas and is about to make its first installation for an NCAA Division I basketball program when it installs LED lights in the Ryan Center, the home of the Rhode Island Rams.

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