Temperatures falling this afternoon

<B>(Wednesday Afternoon February 6, 2013)</B>Flurries and squalls from this morning will ease during the afternoon as sunshine starts to return to central New York. The high temperature was already reached this morning, with temperatures falling into the upper teens by this evening.

A cold front is now moving south of central New York this afternoon.  Cold and drier air is moving in so first, our flurries and squalls will ease going through the afternoon.  Second, with the colder air moving in we expect our temperatures to steadily drop through the 20s in spite of some sunshine returning.

After a chilly start Thursday, things will be quieter with only a slight chance of flurries later in the day.  This break in the snow will only be short lived as we turn our attention to a Nor’easter that will affect much of the Northeast.  The storm will begin as two separate systems for the end of the week.  One will be in the northern branch of the jet stream moving through the Great Lakes and towards Central New York.  Meanwhile, a second, more potent system moving through the southern branch of the jet stream will move off the Southeast coast Friday and rapidly deepen as it moves northeast.  The worst effects from this coastal storm will be felt over New England with that being said, we are looking at the potential for a significant widespread snow (not lake effect) in Central New York for Friday. We will be keeping an eye on the track of the storm to determine exactly how much snow we will ultimately see from this storm. If the track heads farther east, we will see less accumulation, if it heads west we will see more.

Luckily, Friday’s storm system will be a fast mover as there is no block in the atmosphere up over the Canadian Maritimes to slow things down.  By Saturday, our weather will be improving.  We’ve introduced a few flurries for early Saturday as a northerly flow of colder air coming over Lake Ontario will cause a limited amount of lake effect.  Our weather for the rest of the weekend is quiet as we slowly warm up.  It looks we would be warm enough for a bit of rain by Monday.

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