Turning colder this afternoon

<B>(Thursday Afternoon January 17, 2013)</B> Falling temperatures and brisk wind will be the rule today across Central New York. Some snow showers and flurries will be around, mainly through the early afternoon.
A passing cold front is causing some changes to our weather, mainly making it colder as the afternoon progresses. While the morning started out in the 30s, many of us should be in the low 20s and teens by later this afternoon. When you add in the brisk wind, the “feels like” temperature will be in the single digits.
Lake effect snow will be rather limited today with only flurries and light snow showers. We’re expecting that not much in the way of snow will be around as the daytime continues. However, there are some indications that lake effect snow may increase after midnight. Consequently, lake effect snow showers may increase after midnight and impact parts of the region for the morning commute.  While not a lot of snow is anticipated, we’re expecting temperatures to be near 10° tomorrow morning and road salt is not as effective when temperatures are that low.  Thus there may be some locally slick roads.
After a chilly day tomorrow, winds will begin to turn into the southwest Friday night and Saturday milder air will briefly work back into the region.  Winds will be especially strong Saturday and may gust to 40 mph or higher. 
Meanwhile, while we are briefly warming, a new surge of arctic air will be pooling over southern Canada early in the weekend and will dive southeast which means a change in our weather before the end of the weekend.  That change should come on Sunday as low pressure and a second arctic cold front close in on the region.  All signs still point to Sunday as our day of transition to bitterly cold air (the coldest of the season) that may be with us much of next week. This change to colder weather will also be accompanied by strong winds. Finally, because of the depth of the cold air headed this way, we’ll also need to consider the prospect for lake effect snow next week.  That is still way out in time and we’ll need to get closer to next week before we can pinpoint wind directions and the placement of any lake snows.  We’ll certainly keep you posted.

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