Warm and humid with scattered t-storms

<B>(Monday Afternoon, June 24, 2013)</B>In the heat and humidity of the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms will quickly develop across central New York. Some of the storms will have heavy rain and even small hail. The showers and storms will end by this evening.
Central New York is locked into a very warm and humid air mass as we start out the week.  In this pattern, with the lack of a frontal system nearby we need to focus on weaker, jet stream disturbances to cause any showers or thunderstorms.  We continue to track one of these disturbances moving north through Pennsylvania.  This system will clip the southern part of New York this afternoon so we expect a scattering of showers and thunderstorms, especially from Syracuse south. Outside these showers and storms it will be another very warm and humid day across central New York.

This trend of small upper level disturbances will be rather persistent through the week. Given that these are not synoptic, or large scale, systems, it is tricky to pin point exactly the time and place that showers will take place. Nearly every day has a 30-40% chance for showers and storms.
Toward the end of the upcoming week, a cold front will approach central New York from the northwest.  By Friday, our chances for showers and thunderstorms increase as we get ready for a change in air masses.

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