Warm & sunny today

<B>(Sunday , April 28, 2013)</B> Sunshine and warmth will make for a gorgeous day in central New York! We should top out above 70 this afternoon. Clouds increase late today with showers developing overnight.

We’re still under the influence of high pressure, which will keep our weather mild and calm through the remainder of the weekend. As the high drifts eastward, winds turn out of the south/southwest for Sunday, bringing in even warmer air. It’s highly likely that we’ll crack 70 degrees in the afternoon.

Moisture wrapping around that high pressure system will enter central New York through the day on Sunday, first in the form of high clouds. Those clouds continue to thicken through the evening before rain showers arrive during the overnight. Spotty to scattered rain will be around through Monday, along with a healthy breeze. Overall, it’s not looking like a washout, but those on and off rain showers should last through Tuesday. Temps will be a bit cooler, although still pleasant for this time of year in the mid 60s.

The weather the rest of next week will be dominated by a battle between two large, slow moving systems.  One is a large area of high pressure down at the ground and aloft centered over the Canadian Maritimes.  The other is an area of low pressure developing over the Ohio Valley down into the Southeast.  The area of high pressure will build back into the Northeast and central New York and control our weather for the mid and latter part of the week which means a return to sunshine and dry weather.  There are some additional signs that this type of weather could last into next weekend with that low staying blocked to our west.

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