Windy with flurries this afternoon

<B>(Thursday Midday February 21, 2013)</B> Blustery and cold weather will highlight the weather the rest of this afternoon across central New York. Temperatures won’t move much beyond 20 but it will feel like it is near 0 when you factor in the wind chill.

A persistent northwesterly flow of cold air over Lake Ontario will mean a continuation of the light lake effect snow into the afternoon close to the Syracuse area.  We aren’t expecting much in the way of accumulation although up in elevation in the hills of southern Onondaga and Madison counties there could be a few 3 or 4 inch totals.

Outside of any lake effect snow it will be a blustery, cold day.  Not only will temperatures be a good 15 degrees below normal but once you factor in the wind it will feel like it is near zero.

A whole new storm system is forecast to pull out of the middle part of the country for the end of the week.  It will pack a punch out in the central Plains with numerous Winter Storm Warnings currently in place for heavy snow.  As this storm moves northeast into the Great Lakes, however, it will begin to weaken.  Initially, we expect just a few rain or snow showers from this system Friday night into Saturday. In fact, Saturday should end up relatively mild.  The one thing we do have to watch out for is a new area of low pressure forming just off the Mid Atlantic coast later Saturday.  If this happens close enough to the coast there is a chance for some steadier snowfall here in central New York Saturday night.

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