New York State Fair

Is there an EEE risk at the Fair?

The health department says no mosquitoes with EEE or West Nile virus have been found near the Fairgrounds.
Geddes (WSYR-TV) - The Onondaga County Health Department hasn't found any mosquitoes with EEE or the West Nile virus near the Fairgrounds, but says folks should still protect themselves.

Campers who come into the Fairgrounds are being handed an informational piece of paper with tips on what mosquito-borne illnesses are, and how to fight the bite.

The Health Department says there is no need to spray the Fairgrounds right now.

But they have put larvicide in all the catch basins and pools of standing water around the fairgrounds to help control the bug population.

"The larvicide prevents the larvae from emerging into adults. So they just won't emerge into the adults that will bite humans," said Lisa Letteney with the Health Department.

Fair officials are just asking folks to use common sense and the same precautions they would normally take if they were out during the early morning or evening.
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