New York State Fair

Rain doesn't have to dampen your day at the New York State Fair, officials say

New York State Fair officials say there are many fun indoor activities to keep families busy - even when it rains.
Geddes (WSYR-TV) - It was a wet start to this year's New York State Fair, but with so many indoor activities you don't have to let it dampen the fun.

An option, and fair-goer favorite, is the Dairy building.

The Dairy Building features an array of things to see and taste -- from 25 cent fresh ice-cold milk to a new yogurt stand.

While you're in there you can get a glimpse of the butter sculpture and enjoy live music.

Families can also take a trip back to prehistoric times and visit some dinosaurs.

The new Discover the Dinosaurs exhibit is located near the Grandstand and has dinosaurs that actually move and roar.

There's also a T-Rex and triceratops that Fair-goers can ride.

Here are a list of other indoor exhibits at the State Fair:

- Ice Museum behind the Horticulture Building
- Animal Barns
- Safety Town Exhibit in the Science and Industrial Building
- Shopping and Vendors at the Center of Progress Building

For a complete list of attractions and events click here.

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