$100 Aldi coupon scam targets Facebook users: The Real Deal

East Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - An eye-catching coupon is circulating on Facebook that offers $100 off your Aldi grocery bill if you spend $120 or more.

The directions on the link prompt users to share it on their Facebook page, and leave a comment.

Once you do, you’re asked to fill out personal information and sign up for credit cards and other subscriptions you don’t need.

“The Better Business Bureau has been aware that this has been going on in the month of June,” says Peggy Penders with the BBB. “Anyone could fall for this."

Endorsement scams spread easier because people are more likely to click on a link from a friend or family member.

The image used in the scam is also very similar to the look of authentic Aldi coupons.

“We need to be mindful that anyone can lift someone’s brand, and logos are readily available online,” Penders says. “You have to actually make sure that this is the company.”

The BBB tells consumers to take the “double-window” approach.

Open the so-called offer in one window, and do your own research in the other.

Many times a simple search will show the reveal the real offers and the fake ones.

"Technology is the number one problem area for consumers because it's where business is being conducted,” Penders says.

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