$25M given to NYS counties to curb opioid epidemic

WSYR-TV - New York State is rolling out a $25 million plan to expand treatment services in counties that need more help fighting the opioid epidemic.

The state targeted 16 counties based on the number of opioid related deaths, hospitalizations, and the number of people forced to travel to other counties for treatment.

In our area, that includes Oswego, Cayuga, Tompkins, Madison, and Onondaga counties.

The money will go toward training at treatment centers, paying for naloxone - which can save someone's life if they're overdosing, and also finding ways to help people being released from jail so they don't fall back into drug abuse and crime.

Some money will also go toward prevention training and services.

There's also a focus on Medication Assisted Treatment-- that is giving someone who is already addicted controlled amounts of drugs like methadone to help curb the cravings, so they can function without heroin withdrawals. i

Recently, $500,000 was awarded to Farnham Family Services in Oswego to expand and offer a new program with 100 slots for people to get that medication assisted treatment.

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